About Us

Accenture is committed to enduring relationships with its people - both current and former employees. Our people have a special connection forged through their shared personal and professional experiences and we are dedicated to keeping those connections alive. Regardless of their career journey, Accenture people continue to make a positive impact – improving the way the world works and lives.  By maintaining a strong affiliation and cultivating mutually beneficial relationships with our alumni, we can all harness the power of strong connections.

The Accenture Alumni Network exemplifies this commitment to enduring relationships, boasting an extensive global membership of former Accenture employees and growing everyday.  This official Accenture Alumni Network website, powered by Conenza, is a vehicle to promote current and past relationships and provide offerings that are exclusive to the Accenture Alumni Network.

Please feel free to contact the Accenture Alumni Network with your questions and ideas at support[at]accenturealumni.com.